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Sensible Lines, LLC
Milk Trays
(a breast milk freezing system)
1 Unit = 2 trays & 2 lids

Milk Trays™ are a breast milk freezing system made from PETG plastic, a medical-grade plastic meeting the highest standards in plastic and manufactured right here in the United States! Milk Trays™ will eliminate many of the problems you as a breastfeeding/breast pumping mother face today.

Milk Trays™ are a safer, easier and more economical choice for you to create a frozen "stash" of breast milk. If you are a working mom, an on-the-go mom, or just a mom wanting the security of knowing that you will never run out of breast milk then Milk Trays™ are the right choice for you!

Notable attributes of Milk Trays™ are:

  • Total of 16 semi-cylinder cavities that are 1 oz. each
  • Eliminates waste associated with nurser bags
  • 1 oz. Milk Sticks fit through ALL bottle openings, unlike “ice cubes”
  • Lids block out freezer burn, eliminate freezer smells and are easy to stack
  • Slim in size to ensure ample room in the freezer
  • Plastic is very flexible making it easy to remove the frozen Milk Sticks.
  • Reusable and can last, depending on use, for up to one year
  • Made from hard plastic and does not allow fat soluble nutrients to adhere or cling to the sides like the soft plastic of nurser bags
  • Invented by breastfeeding, working moms

Articles & Testimonials

Milk Trays™ are not ice cube trays (or ice cube trays with lids). Milk Trays™ are a breast milk freezing system that has been specifically designed for expressed breast milk. From the higher quality of plastic, exact measurements, versatile shape, flexibility down to the lids, Milk Trays™ are the right choice for you, the breastfeeding mother.

Milk Trays™ are used to freeze expressed breast milk, not actually store breast milk. You will pump breast milk into the bottles that come with the breast pump and then pour that expressed breast milk into each of the cavities of your Milk Trays™. This will then freeze it into the patented one-ounce servings in just a few short hours and will fit into any bottle opening . Once the breast milk is frozen, you will then “pop out” the one-ounce Milk Sticks™ and store them in dated freezer-safe zip lock bags (found in every kitchen) until ready to use. Now the trays can be reused for the next round(s) of pumping.

Freezing expressed breast milk in Milk Trays™ allows for more room in the freezer by allowing you to place as many ounces as you want (usually over a two week span) into one bag. Since the one-ounce Milk Sticks are already frozen they remain separated in the bag allowing you to remove only the ounces needed for that bottle at that time. Also in one-ounce servings breast milk freezes faster minimizing the amount of nutrients lost during the freezing process. Freezer-safe zip lock bags are safe to hold frozen food products like breast milk, remember the milk is already frozen! It is safe to touch the frozen breast milk as long as you wash your hands prior to handling the milk.

Let’s face it, breast pumping is hard! Babies know how to get fed better than we can pump. However since us women make up over 46% of the work force, we want to continue working and breast feeding, we have to pump and store our breast milk. Breast pumping requires dedication and patience not to mention staying hydrated and well rested! What mother can achieve all that?

You don’t want to have hundreds of barely filled nurser bags in your freezer that you'll tend to pour four to eight ounces into. The entire bag must be thawed and since breast milk cannot be refrozen once thawed (even warming then cooling then warming again is also a “no-no” because of early spoiling and even more destruction of valuable nutrients) usually several ounces get thrown away. Think about that for a moment…several ounces thrown away…that can really add up over time.

Here are just some simple numbers to consider……

If you were to waste only two ounces of breast milk in one day.
That equals 10 ounces wasted in one work week!
That adds up to 40 ounces wasted in one work month!
You have now wasted 480 ounces in one year!

WOW, and that is only counting just two ounces a day

Make the right choice for yourself and your baby. Freeze your expressed breast milk in Milk Trays™.

Sensible Lines Milk Trays
1 Unit = 2 trays & 2 lids
$21.95 per unit

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